Playback these ghetto rhymes,
forgotten subliminal lyrics.

[It has been a while (2013)...#giggles]

Everywhere I go it's sun-babes,
Last seen during winter days.
Been frustrated by rough winds,
Hustling towards better days.

Puff and pass these ghetto rhymes,
Like my side chick curvy curves.
Stressing slow life on my block,
Pushi(smokolo) from way back.

She still swings it both ways,
Never enough on the slopes.
She cuddles hard around the G,
It's climax on the horizon, G.

Ghetto rhymes.

... (to be continued)

Molweni (Hi). It's good to be back. Hi sweetie, I see you G #giggles. Beauty nature loving face. Pretty vibrations off my mirror, make a 360 ghetto child let me (come inside) #giggles.

It's that time again when I scribble some poetry rhymes.

Dear Mama

27.08 - Mother's Birthday, Dear Mama

This also happens to be on Women's Month, kindly like to dedicate this poem to all Mothers and Women of the world.

Publish Date: 27.08.2013

"God Bless the African soil (mothers) for the seed (children) will continue to grow in this beautiful continent" - Dravitoz

16.47PM, 21.08.2013 GMT: Listening to 2Pac (Makaveli) - Dear Mama


All Rights Reserved. Dravitoz

coming back to this piece again, reincarnated. [fallen times]


triggered by manly thoughts;
thinking about fallen times,
everything has faded away,
as I walk down the driveway.

i've shed my better days;
been lost in my own ways,
trapped in suicidal thoughts,
thinking about fallen times.

puff n pass the cold nights;
blaze through strong winds,
seems like i am standin still,
thinking about fallen times.

sound of sweet melodies play;
lay on my back moving astray,
guilt tripping on my thoughts,
thinking about fallen times.

through all the days gone by;
the shadow still remains silent,
gently walking everywhere i go,
thinking about fallen times.

calculating my steps moving closer;
i stand look back reminiscing deeper,
into a world once known to me,
bag my thoughts and walk away with pride.

thinking about fallen times.

All Rights Reserved. Dravitoz

"I will never forget the love that passed on"

destiny...still making rounds in my mind...Lord?

define destiny. what is destiny?
is it the picture of a successful man in his expensive car;
while a young brother begs in the streets for survival?

define destiny. what is destiny?
is it genocide of innocent people in the streets of Africa;
while we seek entertainment in every street of our suburban place?

define destiny. what is destiny?
is it the death of a new born baby;
while we fulfill our sexual fantasies in every corner of our living room?

define destiny. what is destiny?
is it the picture of an abusive father;
while a young girl is caught up in the sheets of confusion and fear?

define destiny. what is destiny?
is it the prostitution of young teenagers;
while a young girl graduates with straight A's?

define destiny. what is destiny?
is it the casual drop out of students from school;
while we receive scholarships to expensive living?

define destiny. what is destiny?
is it the passing of an unattended sick child;
while he contemplates suicide on the third floor?

what is your definition of destiny?

All Rights Reserved. Dravitoz

PG (Parental Guidance) 13 P [Deep]

She stands on the edge of death row (AIDS);
Contemplating suicide every second.
Five months into unwanted pregnancy;
Choices (decisions) she made in life.

College drop-out roaming the streets;
Begging each men for the right to living.
He lives closer to the town cemetery;
Keep walking soldier its not that far.

Let us get deeper, down with this...#sighs

She swings on the pole (stripper);
Dollars hang by her waist side (riches).
Late night news, victim of rape?
Choices (decisions) she made in life.

Violence down in his raptures;
Feel so good running these streets?
Shot five times, is there a God son?
Choices (decisions) he made in life.

All Rights Reserved. Dravitoz

Yellow Bone Skin (Girl)?

Sense something different, light skin;
Skin so yellow, she lights the lane.
You will never miss her, bright skin,
Such beauty, the yellow bone skin.

She gently smiles strolling along;
Loveliness that we men do long.
Turn around lady, the 360 feeling;
Come closer feel the heart beating?

Keep walking girl, sun is on you;
Body vibrations, can I feel you?
Lord bless this light beauty;
For she is the light of day.

Mother Nature (Africa), bless us the living;
She portrays beauty in a charismatic feeling.
Such a girl so fine, can I get your name?
She gently replies, "Yellow Bone Skin (Girl)"


All Rights Reserved. Dravitoz


Tunes from own misery;
Such painful lyrical beats;
Causes the heart to ache;
Straying deeper into my thoughts.

Castrated venture of a solo mind;
Careless tumbles towards unforgiven;
What vicious graffiti painted evil?
Straying deeper into my thoughts.

She moves sideways evil-minded;
Temptations of a juvenile mind;
Lust fill the heart's desire;
Straying deeper into my thoughts.


Gentle walks through the streets;
Couples sharing smiles and kisses;
Contemplate deeper into my clicks;
Straying deeper into my thoughts.

What love fills the air so bright;
Smile moving towards love ecstacy;
She teases me with some Monisa smile;
Straying deeper into my thoughts.

Close these very lyrical rhymes;
Blasting the time so damn fine;
Ghetto rhymes tame sexy thoughts;
Straying deeper into my thoughts.

All Rights Reserved. Dravitoz